Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Indie Review Center! If you are here, you are one of two people. You are either a reader or your an author. Whichever you are, both of you are why this blog was created. Being an Indie Author is not always an easy road to travel. Word of mouth and reviews become vital in order to succeed.  Many times this is the only way to get Titles and Author names out there.

Here at IRC, the focus is to help do this all in one place. Authors can submit books for reviews. Reviews are then posted to the forum as well as other social sites.  When you submit as an author, you will receive an email back letting you know when you can expect your review to go live.  Who reads your books?

Readers of course! Readers you will have a form to fill out in order to participate in reviewing. This helps protect the author as well as IRC. The purpose of this forum is to get the reviews out there. If you sign up for a book, be sure you can submit a review to this forum as well as Amazon, Goodreads, and whatever other sites the author may request upon submission.  If you cannot post a review please do not sign up to review.

Bloggers (yes you are part of the readers category too), if you submit your blog links, I will post them to the blogger section so Authors can find you easily should they like to use you for your services later.

Another thing, all authors that participate in IRC will also be added to the Author page with your links for easy access for the readers who love your books.  This keeps you on the forefront and easy to find, making it easier for you to get your books out there.

IRC will also be offering other services that will help everyone. They will be announced as they are added to the forum. Stay tuned for these as they will be announced once they are ready to be added.

My goal when creating this was to make things easier for Authors to get their work into the hands of the readers, as well as for readers to learn the names of all up and coming authors that have the talent just need the added boost.

Please feel free to share this around to all your reading and writing friends. This could be a great source of information and resources with the help of everyone.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. As an indie-author, I find this website to be a Godsend. It’s very difficult to write a book, get it noticed, and develop a following if you are a newbie without any experience. Indie Review Center will change the landscaping for all indie-authors in a very positive and inspirational way. Well done…

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